Drakous- Vol I

This was an idea that Crystal had to keep my thoughts together for work. I never thought, I would be a journaler until what happened today.  I have received a blessing or a curse earlier today I just have to tell someone or something. You have now come to life Drakous my Journal (Kai Mako).

True sight: Book of Visions Edit

I am seeing much different stuff these days. They are called Auras. The books had some of the right data. But not all of it here are some of the things I have learned or how I remember them.

People of Power: Their auras are very bright like the sun. I can never tell if they have magic or not but I know they are powerful by the lights.

None living parts: They are just missing. Like the cyborg or tech person I have meet they are missing an arm, leg and part of they’re head. Crazy they are still alive.

Born vs Made mutants: Have certain aura much different then normal humans.  I can see the difference between if mutants where made or born looking at John and the new homeless guy!

Symbiotic life forms: I can see 2 or more auras for more then one life form sharing a body. Like with the firestarter or the mob agent. There are 2 or more distinct shades.