Frank Bower is a lovable, if overly-trusting, lug. He used to bounce around from mediocre job to mediocre job. He usually ended up in security guard positions due to his intimidating size and demeanor. Unfortunately, for all his strength and good-nature, he is the perfect mark. He has lost cars, cash, and thousands of dollars to hard-luck stories and scams; 

Recently he was working a simple guard job in the warehouse district when his humdrum night was inturrupted by John Gray showing off his gastronomical skills. In an amazing coincidence, the warehouse was broken into at the exact same time! This lead to his discovery that his employment wans't legal, and therefore, he was about to have another hard bout of unemplyment. Fortunately, John Gray had a job open and ready for him at the bar. He currently acts as bouncer for the HHH bar.