After an unfortunate incident on a duck hunting trip, Georgia gained superpowers while her master died. After a chance encounter with agents of STAR, she decided that this organization was the best chance she had of learning exactly what she was now.

The disasterous accidend at the zoo has reinfoced her resolve to prove that she is more than just a dog. Although it has been difficult to do that without proper vocabulary to express the particular ideas she has. More than anything else, though, what she wants is a family.

Bond-mate: would be a dedicated master if Gia was a pet. Bond-mate is there to take care of her because the world is set up for humans with opposable thumbs. Dog's job as bond-mate is to follow directions and contribute to the household

She has decided that 'pack' is different from 'family'. Pack is the group she works with; a unit with a goal. Family would provide love and support. Thinking back on he life, her previous master was both pack and family.