Savage dragon by suibrom-d3kuc50

I have always been a loner, not because I wanted to. I just seem to never have a lot of people to count on. I grew up an orphan (Parents are unknown to him – he given at less then a year). I only had the people in the ward. As they got adopted one by one I was left alone. I left the care of the orphanage at 18yo. I was never treated poorly, but I was never adopted ether causing me to never have a real since of family.

After I left, I could only get odd jobs to make ends meat. I have been a Bartender, Carpenter, and a Tattoo artist. I can play the Trumpet I learn it to pass time when I was younger.

I was always a big fan of Kung fu movies who wasn’t! That is why I learned to fight that and I got bullied a lot for not knowing my Parents in school. I got into MMA and Boxing. I even won a few fights and lost a lot more. I learned all the same.

I have always loved the water and it drove my job choices. The sea has always brought me comfort and peace. Most of my biggest decisions were made at the beach or during a swim!

Bestowed of DragonsEdit

There is a unit of dragons that have alined with the Element of water. I am Bestowed of them and learning daily how I can be of service.


Form of the War-dragon:

Items Edit

Drakous: This is my collection of notes that I have been taking about magic, mutants, and the mystries of central city.

Dragon Staff: These was made from the Tree pulled up in battle. This ornate staff made by Cherrywood, is one peice of crafted,solid tree.