Jordan Cooper, the Solar Sentinel, is the most recognizable hero in Central City, if not the world. With his strength, flight, and durability he saved the city, if not the world, numerous times. Despite his power, his origin in weakness has made him humble. A mutant, but without the standard external physical changes, his life was a constant parade of doctors dealing with his poor lungs, muscular dysfunctions, and constant low level pain. His parents, were supportive, and became his primary caretakers. It was on one of their trips to Central City, that it happened. After another negative response from an expert in cardiopulmonary disease, they decided to cross Belvedere Park to pick up a treat from Jordan's favorite crepe-shop. they were accosted by someone. To this day, no one knows the motive. But this individual killed both of his parents before Jordan realized what was happening.

Since that horrific incident, Jordan has been tireless. Saving people from natural disasters and manmade crime. When a disaster that could have destroyed the city, the impending impact of a falling satellite, he leapt to the city’s defense without hesitation. In response he was formally put in as the head of the CCDF.