Stalwart is an ex-soldier who has dedicated himself to the protection of all life. Born something something, he had a distinguished career in the US army. However, that changed when he came across a warlord in Africa who was kidnapping children to supply child soldiers to other warlords. Due to some jammers installed near the compound, his unit was temporarily cut off from communications, and they knew that Something Else was planning on cleansing the area before the rest of the peacekeeping force moved in. He volunteered to slow down the man's operation as much as he could while the rest of his group went to inform the main force about the situation. Through a combination of clever distractions and bravery, he managed to disorient the man's crew so they were unable to commit the massacre, saving over 40 children. However, Something did not escape unscathed. Shrapnel from an explosion tore into his body doing significant damage. Quick treatment from a field medic kept him from dying, but the damage was severe enough to force his discharge with honors. While in the hospital, he volunteered for an experimental treatment. The results were surprising as his body healed and his strength not only returned, but magnified. The scientists were especially surprised since Something had not received the treatment, but was a member of the control group. His dedication to others and the respect garnered in the international community convinced the military to allow him to join the CCDF rather than re-enlisting him.