Dr. Anthony “Tony” Rich Edit

Code name: Gizmo

Agent Number: B40577

Early Life Edit

Tony has been employed with Special Tactics Assessment and Response (S.T.A.R.) Cyber Research department for a year. He was contacted after out after he successfully finished his first solo invention.

He was raised here in Central City. He was not born into wealth but after the brutal murder of his mother. Me managed to get some money from court cases and an absent father. he Lived with his Grandmother

In College, He excelled in sciences and Computers. His research and writings on Nano Tech were the focus of Phd in Electrical Engineering at Central City Technical University (Gremlin Thinkers- mascot).

He duel majored as Medical Doctor (cyber focused). Hoped to return people to normal functions after a family member lost both legs to illness. He completed his clinicals at Beatrice Howards Memorial Hospital ER. He wanted to give back to the place here his mom breathed last.

Project Eve: Edit


Giving birth to Project Eve Named after Eve Rich (Tony’s mother). He drowned himself in his work to make a means to save people from gang violence focused on Nano-technology he made a hive that augmented the functions of white blood cells and regenerative functions of the body. Project Eve was not just his work but also his life.